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A subset of the Friends of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with the mission of preservation, restoration, and interpretation of CTSRR historic assets. The Springs group is primarily involved in restoration. See below for blog archive of older postings. For a brief history of 470 please click the link below to the Friends website.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More arches 5-1-2010

Bob is going bungee jumping again, but on a very short line.  On the right, up he goes, ridge pole in hand.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Piledriver OB repair (cont'd.) 5-1-2010

The first workday in May was held in the CRF in Antonito, CO to repair roof damage to OB.  For those of you not aware of recent events (or on another railroad planet) it was damaged in transport to the Colorado Railroad Museum last spring.  Repairs were made to make it structurally sound, but not weatherproof (see archive blogs).  It spent the summer and fall at the Museum in Golden where several working demonstrations took place.  The current work session was to complete repairs to the roof, including the decking, hatch, and walkway.  Above, damaged roof decking was removed and replaced.

On the left, decking was fitted around the new tie rod on the damaged side of the cab.  On the right, the edge has been finished off, and the hatch reconstructed.  Craig is peering around the corner waiting for the photographer to get in the wet paint.

Next new waterproof roofing is applied to the roof and around the hatch, and sealer rolled on.  We don't piledriver operator to get wet.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to the car 4-17-2010

Craig, Glen, and I worked on removal of more of the old wood from the interior of the car.  Above, left is a before photo of the back end to the left of the door where a stove had recently been.  Originally, this was a lavatory.  Note the cabinet partially in the photo above the door.  On the right is a cabinet door and latch mechanism that have been removed.  These were storage cabinets at each end of the car over the doors.

The interior wood has been removed showing the framing (same area as left, above).  On the right, some hitchhikers have been traveling in the wall.  Thanks again to Glen for the photos.

Moving right along 4-10-2010

Another day of planting poles.  We were fortunate to obtain a cherry picker from RSC for the cost of fuel.  The Trolley Museum has had an arrangement with them that we have benefitted from as well.  The smallest guy gets to do the high jobs, and it was no exception for Bob who placed the bracing along the ridge.

Looking good.  Glen got a ride in the bucket for the overhead view.  The crew finished up as the clouds rolled in from the west.  Just a few more to go.

Back to work, 4-3-2010

After weather delays in March, work got under way on the protective structure which will cover the car (and us) during restoration.  We obtained a laser level to help insure that the arches were in line.  The holes were dug, but precipitation had filled some in so that the levels were uneven.

The framing arches were assembled and carried over the car, then set in place and levelled.  In spite of what appears to be a lot of discussing going on, work also progressed once everyone got "in the groove."

The last photo shows the first several arches in place lined up fairly well.  It also shows the size of the shelter, with room above to work on the roof of the car without being cramped.  Eventually, the car will be raised on dollies so the space above will be decreased from this.

Meanwhile, our chronicler, Glen, has been busy making drawings as well as photos.  On the left, he is holding a drawing he made over one we had obtained earlier.  The initial one shows the framing of the car but not the finishing details.  He redrew the framing and added the interior details in the lower drawing from photos and measurements he made as the interior was dismantled.  On the right, an approximately similar photo view is shown for comparison.  These drawings will be used in the reconstruction of the interior.