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A subset of the Friends of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with the mission of preservation, restoration, and interpretation of CTSRR historic assets. The Springs group is primarily involved in restoration. See below for blog archive of older postings. For a brief history of 470 please click the link below to the Friends website.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dried in (Jan. 15, 2011)

The COS crew raised and secured the west end cover for our shelter for 0252, aka 470, last Saturday.  The upper photo on the left shows the material in place, and pipe being fitted in the slot at the bottom.  In the right photo, in the upper left corner, rope has been tied to a corner of the material prior to raising.  The rope was then placed over the end hoop of the frame and tension applied to bring the material up and over the frame.  Another person was on the outside center ladder to help raise and direct the material over the the frame.       
               The photo on the left shows the top cover brought over the end cover and secured with turnbuckles at each lower corner.  There is a door on the west end for access for people, while on the east end there is a larger flap that can be raised (approx. 6x12 feet) for access.
The view on the right of the inside shows the room available for access to the car.  There is considerable space above to provide for planned raising of the car and placement of dollies underneath in the future.  The picture was taken with available light, and when there is sunshine the translucency of the fabric provides good light, at least on the south side.  We also can get a fair amount of solar warming.