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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Platform Framing: June-August 2014

Most of the summer of 2014 was spent on the end platform framing, and I will devote this post to that effort.  The first photo is from January of 2011 showing the condition of the timbers in the framing.  There are tie rods in place running longitudinally with the car which have been cut.  There also are tie rods across the framing at the blocks on the left side of the photo.

Because of the condition of the wood on this car measurements and photos were taken of the sister car at the Colorado Railroad Museum in order to duplicate as closely as possible the original arrangement.

The second photo is a view from below looking at the framing.  The spacing blocks were morticed into the sills and held together with tie rods as well as bolts.

The third photo shows the gluing of the laminated end sill of the platform.  The sill extensions were made in a similar fashion from white oak in Craig's shop.  To quote Craig, "You can't have too many pipe clamps."

This photo shows one set of sill extensions that have just been oiled.  The cut out portion is the inner end and fits under the supports for the trucks.

Multiple trial fittings were done in order to fit the sills properly.  This is one of the earlier ones.  Modifications had to be made for the steel that has been added earlier.  Note the wedges added to the upper surface that will slope the platform for drainage.

Mortises were made for the spacer blocks between the sills using routers, chisels, etc.

The photos below show more shaping that had to be done to accommodate steel, etc.  Also, bolt heads and nuts had to be recessed.

Craig made a pattern for the end sill and fitted it to the sill extensions.  He and John are checking the spacing which is not parallel,  The sill extensions diverge slightly toward the end sill.

Here we are fitting the end sill on to the sill extensions, aligning the tenons with the mortises in the end sill.  Tie rods will hold everything together.

Another view of one of the many trial fittings.

The photo to the right shows the framing in place with spacer blocks, held together with pipe clamps.

Bolts were placed at strategic locations--

--at both ends of the sills.

Finally, angle steel was fitted along the inner sill extensions to provide further strength and rigidity to the platforms.  This is a view under the care looking toward the end.

The last photo shows the inner end of the sill extension with the angle steel around it.

Many thanks to Tom Simco for the photos taken at work sessions that I missed.