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Friday, October 28, 2016

June 2016 - Under the car

After a busy summer I am back at the blog.  June was a good month for work on 470 with two work sessions, but work sessions on the railroad in Chama and Antonito later in the summer meant less time for Colorado Springs.

One accomplishment was to place lock nuts on the bolts (of which there are many) on the underside of the car.  This is a tedious task but very important to prevent loosening as the car shakes, rattles, and rolls along the track.  Here Bill and Ron are working along one of the bolsters.

This photo shows a closeup of  two bolts with the flat lock nuts in place.

John Weiss stopped by with a model in wood of the pivot plates that go between the car and the trucks.  They allow the the trucks to rotate as the car travels around curves.  Ultimately these will be made out of steel.

Here John (on the right) is checking the fit of the model.  Note the block between the inner sills with a hole for the center pin.

Marshall and Mary Jane Smith came to help, shown here with Glen Hall.  Marshall helped with the welding of the body truss rod saddles.  Also in this photo is a roll of the water barrier to be placed under the car prior to installation of the sheathing.

 In this photo John is positioning the saddle on the post, held in place with wood blocks.

Ready to weld.

Here Marshall is welding one of four posts and saddles.

Thanks, Marshall.

The last project for June was to start installing the moisture barrier under the car.  Those of us with old necks and shoulders did the cutting of the sheets, in this case Marshall, John, and Tom.

The "boys" were under the car doing the measuring, fitting, and nailing, here Bill K. and Bob.  As you can see the quarters were tight and there was a lot of framing, etc. to work around.

Hammering upside down is always fun.

Nice job, guys.