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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

January 2017 - A New Year

We were able to have a work session the last weekend in January, and continued on the siding, underside sheathing, and end platforms.  Craig also started fabricating steps for the end platforms.

This photo shows one of the panels that Craig made for the end of the car.  It was more expedient to make a panel of siding boards than to install individual boards.  The panel is grooved on the back to accommodate the steel bracing.

Here Craig is holding the panel in place.  Some trimming was needed for a good fit.

The underside sheathing is almost complete.  The steel beams attached to the inner sills are not covered.

Work continued on the outside boards under the car.  These required more trimming and fitting as there is more hardware protruding along the edge.  In this photo Bill K. and Don are doing some measuring.

 Pad eyes were attached with lag bolts under the car as described previously in the posting related to the split outer sill.  There were eight of these, two for attaching the check chains on each of the trucks.

In the photo to the left Bill K. is using a large socket wrench to put in the lag bolt for one of the eyes.

This is what it looks like installed.  The sheathing will have to be cut out around it.  The wood strips at the top of the photo are temporary, being used to hold platforms for access to the upper side of the car.

Craig has made floor boards of oak for the platforms.  They were drilled to accommodate the bolt heads in the framing.  In this photo he is marking for the bolt in the outer sill.  At the right edge of the photo a hole has been drilled for another bolt.

It looks like they fit nicely.

Craig has also been building steps for the platforms.  This is one of the stringers with grooves routed out for the steps and risers.  The holes are for rods that will hold the pieces together.

This photo shows one of the stringers in place.  It will be fastened to the car with a bracket welded to the steel on the end sill.

This photo of 0252 in one of its previous incarnations shows the steps in place.  It was noted that the stringers had more of a curve at the lower step than was present in the photo above.  Notice the check chains between the car body and the truck.

So the stringers will be modified by adding a piece of wood to more accurately conform to the original design.

Even though we were limited in the number of work sessions over the winter a fair amount was accomplished, particularly by Craig in his heated workshop.

Thanks to John Engs for contributing photos.